May 2010 - Ethical Consumer 'Spotlight on an Eco-Mom' - An interview covering such topics as what being an eco-consumer means and the ways of passing on ethical values to children.
January 2011 - True Cuddles 'Featured Mompreneur' - Interview covering such topics as business inspirations, product lines and mommyhood.
March 2011 - Celebrity Baby Scoop 'Heart Pocket Dresses are Must Haves' - Article extols the cuteness of dresses with heart shaped pockets and shows an image of Honor Warren, Jessica Alba's daughter, donning Oeuf's gray dress with pink heart pockets. Article links to My Little Green Shop as the place to buy it. http://
March 2011 - Non-Toxic Kids 'New Sponsor Spotlight' - A friendly overview of some of the ecologically sustainable, safe and green products we carry.
April 2011 - Eco-products That Work, 'Clean Teeth, Green Teeth.' Writer, Diana mentions My Little Green Shop as a Canadian retailer of the wildly popular bamboo toothbrushes made by Australian company, The Environmental Toothbrush. 
July 2011 - Yoyomama - A write-up featuring our handy ZoLi On-the-Go Snack Containers.
August 2011 - Ohdeedoh A very flattering review of our eco-friendly, VOC-free Way Basics Storage Cubes. Presently we are the only Canadian retailer of Way Basics.
November 2011 - Mommy Footprint 'Johnson & Johson - Building a Brand with Carcinogens' - Article discusses the mainstream news announcement that Johnson & Johnson Baby Products contain carcinogenic chemicals. My Little Green Shop is mentioned as a reliable source for safe bath and body baby products. Mommy Footprint regularly provides articles featuring tips on health and safety and on lowering our ecological footprint.
November 2011 - Safe Mama 'Clementine Art: Natural Paint' - a product review.
December 2011 - Now Toronto, Adria Vasil, Ecoholic 'Are kids Pyjamas Coated with Flame Retardants?' - An informative (and somewhat scary) article about flame retardants in children's pjs. Article refers to My Little Green Shop as a Canadian retailer of snug-fitting New Jammies, organic children's pjs that have not been treated with any chemicals, including flame retardants
December 2011 - Vancouver Sun, Juanita Ng Mompreneurs Give Back - Article is about the Making Magic Fund. My Little Green Shop along with 12 other businesses will be donating a portion of December's proceeds to the Fund. One hundred percent of the Fund will be donated to the Adopt-a-School Fund, which helps inner city schools in Vancouver.
December 2011 - Safe Mama, 2011 Holiday Toy Guide - Safe Mama is all about helping consumers make healthy and safe choices for their children. We were thrilled to see these four of our products included in her 2011 Safe Toy Guide: Educo's Healthy Green Salad (for preschoolers), Educo's Pita Pocket (for preschoolers), Artterro's Craft Kits (for kids 7+) and MiYim's Natural Ballerina (for toddlers+).
December 2011 - Savvy Mom - Dimpleskins' Sniffles 100% Natural Eucalyptus Rub was featured in 'The List - 15 Cold and Flu Fighters.' http://

June 2012 - BC Living, '5 Cool Rain Gear Companies in Vancouver.' Michelle Kay includes My Little Green Shop as a place to buy cute and PVC-free Hatley raincoats.
August 2012 - Savvy Mom, Ecogear's non-toxic RPET Palila Backpack was featured in 'The List: 22 Picks for Back to School.'
August 2012 - Mommy Footprint, 'Back-to-School Eco Backpacks.' Suzanne strongly recommends the eco-friendly Ecogear backpacks and bags we carry.
August 2012 - Safe Mama, Kathy placed My Little Green Shop on her lists of Trusted Places to Shop for School Gear ~ '2012 Safer Backpacks Cheat Sheet' and '2012 Safer Lunch Gear Cheat Sheet.'
November 2012 - Mommy Footprint, 'Pajama Holiday Tradition.' The article is about the growing trend of buying kids pajamas as a Christmas present and singles out My Little Green Shop as the place to buy organic, flame retardant-free New Jammies pjs.
November 2012 - Safe Mama's 2012's Holiday Safer Toy Guide. Kathy features MLGS's Babiators Non Toxic Sunglasses, MiYim Natural Good Earth Dolls, Little Yoga Mat, Begin Again On-The-Go Art Kit, and Mudpuppy's Jumbo Floor Puzzles in the guide. See the complete Toy Guide -
December 2012 - Miss 604, Rebecca, presents her viewers with a nice write-up of My Little Green Shop and does a contest for a $40 MLGS Gift Certificate with them.
December 2012 - Safe Mama, Kathy, does a review and giveaway of The Little Yoga Mat.
December 2012 - The Eco-Friendly Family, 'Easy Tips for Choosing Safe Toys for Kids.' Blog owner, Amanda, adds My Little Green Shop to her list of retailers known for carrying fun, unique and safe toys.

March 2013 - Green Child Magazine, Spring Issue, ZoLi's Buzz B Nail Trimmer is included in the 3rd Annual Eco Baby Gear Guide.

April 2013 - Savvy Mom, ecojot's House Growth Chart was featured in 'The List: 11 Eco Ways to Live Well.'
April 2013 - Savvy Mom, 'The List: 31 Best Baby Shower Gifts' features Natursutten's All Natural Pacifier.

April 2013 - Huffington Post Canada, '31 of the Best Baby Shower Gifts' features Natursutten's All Natural Pacifer.

July 2013 - Mommy Footprint, 'How to Find Safer Sunscreen.' Suzanne has extensive knowledge of sunscreen safety. She recommends looking for one ingredient in the active ingredient list of sunscreens: Zinc Oxide and she links to My Little Green Shop as a shop to buy safe sunscreen for the whole family.

July 2013 -, the article titled 'Selecting Chemical Free Sunscreen' mentions My Little Green Shop as an online shop to buy organic Badger sunscreen.

July 2013 - EcoBravo, 'Organic Cotton Kids Pajamas/No Flame Retardants.' Cher includes a reference and a link to the organic and safe (read: no flame retardants) Crabs n' Stripes New Jammies we carry.

August 2013 - A Little Bit of Momsense, 'Back to School: 4 ways to be Extra Green' describes the Ecogear Palila II pack we carry as the perfect size and capable of standing the drag test.

August 2013 - Safe Mama, '2013 Safer Lunch Gear Cheat Sheet.' Kathy compiles all sorts of fantastic lists (named Cheat Sheets) of safer products. Her Lunch Gear list includes three categories: 1) Lunch Boxes, Bags and Lunch Systems 2) Lunch/Food Storage Containers and 3) Snack and Sandwich Bags. Included in this Cheat Sheet are links to many of the products we carry such as: Apple+Bee Lunch Satchels, Go Green Lunch Boxes, Graze Organic Lunch totes, Kids Konserve Containers, Onyx Stainless Steel Sandwich Containers, Fluf Organic Snack Packs, and
Sling Sisters Sandwich Bags.

August 2013 - Safe Mama, '2012 Safer Backpacks Cheat Sheet.' This Cheat Sheet links to the ecogear line of  backpacks we carry.

August 2014 - Canadian Family, '10 Must-Haves for a Litterless Lunch.' The list includes the Laptop Lunches Kids Dual Compartment Lunch Tote we carry and describes it as, "Probably the smartest lunch system we have ever seen."

August 2014 - Green Child Magazine, 'Drink in Style' page 41 of the Back-to-School Fall Issue. The Shimmer Pink 500 ml S'well bottle we carry is featured.

December 2014 - New Jammies Blog, 'Play Right: Eco-friendly Kids Toys for the Holidays'. Nicole, founder and owner of organic New Jammies pjs includes My Little Green Shop as a great source for long-lasting wooden toys + puzzles.

December 2014 - Cher, writer of EcoBravo, posts an article titled 'Your Little Green Shop for the Holidays' in which she highlights 10 of her favourite eco-friendly and ethically produced holiday picks found at My Little Green Shop.

Dec 2014 - What's Around the Corner blog - the writer includes the Goki Kitchen we carry in the article titled 'Best Wooden Play Kitchens.' And she mentions she's purchased from My Little Green Shop a few times and never been disappointed.

Dec 2015 - Leotie Lovely Blog, 'Sustainable Switch: Why I'll be Using Bamboo Toothbrushes'. The bamboo toothbrushes we carry by The Environmental Toothbrush are mentioned as the alternative to plastic toothbrushes.

Dec 2015 - Ai, from describes (in Japanese!) the eco-friendly art supplies - EcoKids Dough and Crayons and Wee Can Too vegan Sidewalk Chalk - recently purchased from My Little Green Shop.

April 2016 -  Vancouver Sun, "Paper Straw Revival: Plastic Straws are an Endangered Species' by Joanne Sasvari. Our Onyx stainless steel straws are recommended as a sleek, reusable alternative to cheap plastic straws.

June 2016 - Georgia Straight, 'Green Living: Five Ecofriendly sunscreens to swap with your Big-brand Tube' by Lucy Lau. The ThinkSport brand of sunscreen we carry is included in the list of safe sunscreens.

May 2017 - Daily Hive Vancouver, Where to Shop Sustainable Fashion in Vancouver. Writer Alison Pudsey recommends My Little Green Shop as a local, online business that offers sustainable, eco-friendly products for the whole family.