My Little Green Shop is a hip, e-boutique geared for eco-conscious families. We carry hundreds of healthy and environmentally sustainable products such as: VOC-free storage options (shelves and benches), organic swaddle blankets and baby/toddler bedding, organic baby slings and cotton diapers, organic buckwheat nursing pillows, organic clothing and accessories for babies and children, non-toxic toys made from sustainably grown wood and organic materials, European-made rainwear that is free from harmful chemicals, organic bath and body products, bamboo eating utensils, stanless steel and glass food containers that are free from BPA and phthalates, stylish bags, stationery made from recycled material, natural herbal pet remedies and tons more. We are based downtown Vancouver, BC.
We ship anywhere within North America and to many other countries. For shipping info see our Shipping page and for info on our business operations see our Contact Us page.
Our mission is to provide a wide range of products that are safe and non-toxic and have as little impact on the environment as possible in their production cycles. Everything we carry is carefully selected and meets our criteria of products that are safe, non-toxic and environmentally sustainable. We ask each of our suppliers what's in and not in a product when we're interested in buying something new and if we don't like the answers (or obvious evasiveness to our questions), we will not carry the line. We ask suppliers about the presence of harmful chemicals, types of finishes/glues used, organic certifications, the frequency of safety/quality assurance testing, etc and when possible, we check for third party verification.
We also stay quite informed on health, safety, and environmental issues. Regularly, we look to sources like Good Guide, Healthy Child Healthy World, Healthy Stuff, Environmental Working Group, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, Aha Parenting, Safe Mama and Mommy Footprint to keep up-to-date on health, healthy child rearing and environmental matters. When we come across great articles that we think would be of interest to our fans, we post them to our fb page. We think that helping people stay informed and giving people a forum to communicate with others on health matters is important and valuable. 

We are mindful of the unfortunate fact that healthy, eco-friendly items tend to come with hefty price tags. We do our best to find items that are as affordable as possible and when we get good deals on products from our vendors, we're happy to pass on good prices to our customers. 

Personally, we've been environmentally conscious for a couple decades and have done our best to educate ourselves on environmental issues. A major goal, which we never lose sight of, is to minimize our own ecological footprint as much as possible. To achieve this we buy as many organic and locally grown or produced items as possible and we always choose environmentally friendly products over the alternative for ourselves and our babies.

The importance of maintaining our chosen lifestyle really hit home with the birth of our first little babe, Sebastian, in January 2009. Starting from when he was a wee infant, we've tried to be so aware of what's in his immediate environment and the chemicals/toxins he is exposed to. I clearly recall shuddering the first time I saw him put a plastic object in his mouth as I wondered what and how many chemicals/poisons he was ingesting into his healthy little body.


We were incredibly fortunate in June 2010 with the birth of our daughter, Savara. We get so many compliments on her unique name - it's my mother's Czech maiden name for anyone who's wondered where it came from. Our Czech people think it a bit odd that we chose a surname for our daughter's first name but the name is beautiful and so unique and it suits our little girl perfectly. We think Sebastian and Savara both do an awesome job modeling our wares in the slide show on our homepage :)

We think of Sebastian and Savara and all other babies when we make purchases for My Little Green Shop. We choose Canadian made products when we can and it is imperative to us to only carry items that are safe and non-toxic. Our packaging is not always incredibly fancy because we reuse whatever boxes and packaging material we can. We also carry Fair Trade products and we do our utmost to avoid purchasing products produced in unfair working conditions in developing countries. Yes, we look into how and where the products we want to carry are produced. We don't think that people in developing countries should be working in slave-like conditions so that people buying our products can get dirt cheap prices.

We regularly donate a percentage of proceeds to charity. We're lucky to be able to do so.

We are aware that more and more people are looking to adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. We find that especially gratifying when we think of Sebastian's and Savara's future and that of their generation.

Thank you for reading about us and My Little Green Shop!