Simply Merino 2-Piece Merino Wool Set
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* Please note: these sets are also available in darker colours.

These ultra comfy 2-peice 100% merino wool sets are designed to be pyjamas but there are other practical uses as well. The set can be worn as thermal under layers when playing outside or the top can be worn under a t-shirt. The pants can also be worn as leggings under a skirt.

How does merino wool feel? Like extremely soft cotton. Is it itchy? Not at all!

Sizing: Please note these sets tend to fit a bit small. It's best to order a size or 2 up from your child's age. Cuffs on the arms and pants can be rolled up if they're too long.

Merino wool is extremely durable and longlasting. Read below to see why that is.

Machine washable in cold or warm water. Cold is better. Machine drying is fine but hanging to dry is better.

Size Chart:

          Shirt  length        Arm  length*        Shirt width         Pant length              Pant width
2T         14 inches          11 inches            9 1/2 inches     19 1/2 inches          8 1/2 inches
3T         15 inches          12 inches           10 inches            21 inches                9 inches
4T         16 inches          14 inches           10 inches            24 inches                9 inches
5            17 inches         16 inches           10 inches            25 inches                9 1/2 inches
6            18 inches         16 1/2 inches    10 1/2 inches     26 inches                10 inches

* From shoulder to wrist

Heralded by many as nature’s wonder fabric, merino wool has plenty of highly desirable properties that make it an excellent choice for children’s clothes. Made ethically in New Zealand using environmentally safe practices, merino clothing is completely natural and organic – an important consideration in light of the recent scandals over dangerous levels of toxic chemicals in a variety of children’s products ranging from toys to clothes.

Merino wool’s natural durability makes it an ideal choice for kids clothing – studies have shown that merino wool fibers can be bent up to 30,000 times without breaking. This essentially means that clothes made from merino wool will stand up to repeated washings without looking old and worn out. Merino wool is also naturally odour and stain resistant – an important factor when it comes to children’s garments. Also, unlike other types of wool, merino is static resistant, meaning it attracts fewer dust particles and lint – good news for kids with allergies.

In addition to all the above benefits, clothes made from merino wool have exceptional levels of comfort. The secret lies within the extremely small diameter of the individual merino fibers, which range from 13 to 24 microns – an impressive figure when you consider that the diameter of the average human hair is 60 microns. The exceptional softness of merino wool clothing often takes people by surprise, not many expect woolen garments to be so silky and luxurious to the touch. This eliminates any itchiness or prickling sensations against sensitive young skin – a must for children’s clothing.

A testament to its durability and desirability, merino wool has long been the mainstay fabric of high-end athletic wear for activities like long distance running, hiking, cycling or mountain climbing – activities where the wool’s amazing temperature regulation, breathability and comfort are indispensable. Why should outdoorsmen and athletes have all the fun? Your kids can enjoy all the benefits and luxurious softness of natural fiber merino wool clothing. Designed with fun, fashion and functionality in mind, merino wool garments should be your number one choice when it comes to clothing your little ones.

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