Baltic Baby Amber Mommy-Baby Bracelet Set
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* Please note the baby bracelets are either elastic (and slip over baby's wrist or ankle) or they have a screw together clasp closure.  The multi baby bracelets currently in stock are the screw together clasp type (like the one shown in the product picture).

Teething can be a frustrating time for both you and your baby/toddler, but it doesn’t have to be. You can help your child through the teething stage, in a non invasive and drug free way with an amber teething necklace or bracelet. And the healing properties are found to be effective on adults as well.

Amber is a resin that has been fossilized from prehistoric pine trees that date back to approximately 50 million years ago. Amber has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to relieve pain in both young children and adults. It has been shown to provide pain relief and remedy the complications that occur during teething. These include pain, lack of appetite, upset stomach, excessive drooling, fever, ear aches and cold. Amber is also a powerful antioxidant, helps to compensate for low energy in the body and in the brain, thus boosting awareness, energy, concentration and reflexes and reduces stress.

So how does amber work? When worn against the skin, the warmth of the skin releases healing oils within the resin, which then get absorbed into the bloodstream. It is believed that these oils contain negative organic energy and produce a negative ionization on the skins surface, which in turn, has a positive effect on the body. These negative ions, draw out the negative energy in the body. For centuries, many Europeans have used amber as an antibiotic to combat infections and anything from stomach aches to arthritic pain. The anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties of amber have also been greatly recognized by allopathic medicine and some countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany have amber teething necklaces available in the local pharmacies.

Many mothers would prefer not to give their babies over-the-counter drugs during teething. Here's a great alternative. These bracelets/anklets provide 24 hour pain relief and relief from the associated symptoms from teething, in a non invasive and side effect free way.

These bracelets are genuine, authentic amber teething bracelets from the Baltic region in Lithuania. Please be aware that fakes abound. Authentic amber is from the Baltic region.

Strong silk thread is used and it matches the color of the amber. The bracelets stretch a bit to go over baby's hand or foot. They can be used from 8 weeks and up. The earlier the better because younger babies will not even know it is there and will be less likely to pull on it or play with it. Baby can wear this bracelet while he/she sleeps. These bracelets are NOT intended to be bitten or chewed on.

* Because each stone is unique, so is each bracelet. The bracelet you receive will look slightly different from the one pictured here.

Results vary from baby to baby.

* Attention mommys - please resist trying baby's bracelet on your own wrist. Doing so will stretch out the silk thread. For a very positive review of our Baltic Baby Amber see Mommy Footprint.

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