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Alas, eco-sense and style meet for lunch!

Here's why we dig the Go Green lunch boxes:

- there are no small plastic containers or container lids to lose
- the insulated carrier keeps food at a good temperature and they are cute as heck
- the revolutionary lock and seal compartment ensures your child's lunch stays fresh
- the lid has silicone seals which prevent wetter items like yogurt from escaping their compartment
- on the case's inner flap there's a little erasable whiteboard on which mum/dad/big bro can write little love notes or reminder notes (how unique!)
- a 266 ml single wall stainless steel grade 304 drink bottle with a sports cap is included
- the carrier has a name tag and comes with a reusable, non-toxic, FDA-approved food grade carboxyl methyl cellulose gel freezer pack
- it's dishwasher safe

Wow, right?

The outside dimensions of the Go Green Lunch Box are 30.5cm x 19cm x 6.5cm
The insulated carrier is 33cm x 20.5cm

To ensure quality of their products, Go Green has spent considerable time working with their contracted factories. The lunch box and bottle have passed tests in accordance with the relevant FDA extract and California Proposition 65 (the nation’s most stringent law regulating environmental health and safety). The food container is made of polypropylene, along with silicone to ensure freshness of its contents. Both are safe and recyclable.

All Go Green products are free from lead, BPA, and Phthalates.


Q: What are the dimensions of the fabric carrier?
A: The fabric carrier is 13 x 8 x 2 1/2.

Q: May I put the food container in the microwave?
A: Though it is microwave-safe, it is never recommended to place any plastic products in the microwave.

Q: Can I use an ice-pack to keep my food cold?
A: Yes. Many brands and various sizes of ice-packs will fit either in the individual food sections or between the fabric carrier and food box.

Q: What material is the food container made of?
A: Polypropylene (plastic grade #5) and silicone bands to keep food fresh.

Q: Is the food container BPA-free?
A: Yes. The food container is BPA-free.

Q: What material is the water bottle made of?
A: The water bottle is made of 100% stainless steel - grade 304.

Q: Has the lunch box set been tested for safety?
A: Yes. Go Green Lunch Box, LLC, has employed the services of a US-headquartered, commercial testing agency that provides testing, inspection, and quality assurance of a broad range of products. This company has conducted strict safety testing of our products. The food container and water bottle are lead-free and conform to California Proposition 65 (the nation’s most stringent law regulating environmental health and safety).

Q: May I put yogurt, apple sauce, salad dressing, or pudding-like food products in the compartments?
A: Yes. The revolutionary “turn ‘n lock” technology ensures that your child’s lunch stays fresh and within its compartment.

Q: What type of pen do I use to write messages on the white board?
A: Only use a pen designated for a “dry-erase board.” Many brands of different colors and sizes are available at most office supply stores.

Q: How do I clean the fabric carrier?
A: The carrying bag is ONLY intended to carry the food box/food contained WITHIN the food box, and also, is not intended to be submerged/washed under running water. Please wipe clean with light, damp cloth.

Q: How do I clean the food container and water bottle?
A1: The food container’s retention clips are easily unfastened, so the lid and box can be separated and washed with warm soapy water.
A2: Due to the inconsistent heat temperatures of many dishwashers, we do not recommended putting the food box in the dishwasher.
A3: For best results, and due to their light weight, we recommend the lid’s five silicone bands be removed daily and hand-washed.

Q: How should I store my lunch box set?
A: The fabric bag and food container should be stored separately and in “open” positions, to ensure proper ventilation.

Q: Will there be new patterns for the fabric bags in the future?
A: Yes. We will add new and exciting patterns as they become available.

Q: Are Go Green Lunch Box products free of phthalates?
A: Yes. Our products are all free of phthalates.

Q: What is the carrying bag made of?
A: The carrier is made of polyester fabric, and the gray inner lining is made of PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate).

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